Grabbit Partners with Artist Takuroman

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Grabbit is pleased to announce its partnership with artist Takuroman!

This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to support Takuroman’s artistic journey and amplify his impactful message. Takuroman’s artworks have resonated with audiences worldwide, conveying themes of resilience, healing, and kindness.

Inspired by a personal journey of healing, Takuroman’s uses his artistic expression to create work that resonates with the human spirit. By merging the physical and virtual realms through NFTs, Takuroman invites viewers on a transformative voyage where the healing potential of kindness and love becomes evident.

As Takuroman prepares to release his highly anticipated NFT collection on Grabbit, he seeks to share his uplifting message with as many people as possible. Together, Grabbit and Takuroman embark on an incredible journey to spread kindness and drive a meaningful global impact.

Takuroman is set to captivate the art world at Content Tokyo in Japan with his extraordinary NFT collection, “Hernia and Peace”, where art enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals eagerly anticipate Takuroman’s convergence of art and technology.

Content Tokyo event is taking place from June 28th to June 30th 2023.

Takuroman “Hernia and Peace”

About Takuroman

Takuroman is an internationally acclaimed artist renowned for his ability to create deeply emotional and thought-provoking artworks. With a fusion of traditional and digital techniques, Takuroman pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, exploring themes of healing, transformation, and human connection.

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