生き甲斐, pronounced ee-kee-guy, is a Japanese concept at the heart of our company.

It means one’s “path to life fulfillment,” which in principle is the convergence of one’s personal passions, beliefs, values and vocation. Our ikigai is creating tools to facilitate Web3 adoption into real world solutions that empower others to live according to their own passions.


We’re passionate about Web3 technology. That’s why we’re devoting our time and energy toward building a world where data belongs to everyone, not major corporations.


Our solutions subscribe to a data-centricity paradigm and focus on providing real world use cases for Web3 technologies. Our tech stack is built on the idea that the decentralized applications that will power future economies should have trustworthy data and full transparency in their operations.


We build with passion, purpose, and integrity. To us, this means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Changing the world starts by holding ourselves accountable and to a higher standard.


Our mission is to bring together passionate technologists and enable them to build a suite of tech stacks which unlock a new realm of possibilities for efficiency and innovation.


Philosphy and products

at a glance

Ikigai Technologies is a Web3 startup focused on being the hub which aligns talented individuals with their ikigai. We found we at our happiest when three core components are in harmony: researching and developing the most promising Web3 technologies; seeing our findings come to life in consumer products; and lastly, sharing our success with the world via open-source frameworks. By focusing on creating a space which enables teams to collaborate with other passionate minds, we believe that’s when the most innovative and exciting products emerge. Products are at their best when people are at their best.


Put in practice, Ikigai Technologies is working on three projects. Logosphere is our first R&D project tackling decentralized data as a knowledge graph to empower richer data sets and discoveries. prolific.art is our fine arts marketplace leveraging Logosphere bringing legitimacy to the space.  Lastly, our games division branch, GENUN Games, is focused on creating games we are proud to work that hold true to our name and ethos of creating genun (genuine) user experiences that take advantage of web3 integrations.

News & Blog


The Web3 ecosystem is growing exponentially and our projects are redefining what’s possible. Our news feed features technology press about Ikigai’s partnerships, projects and proposals as well as blog posts with our take on the latest technology, trends and policies in the blockchain space.

Want to Join Us?

We’re passionate about helping others live their ikigai. We’d love to hear from you, whether that means working or partnering with us, investing in our ideas or simply finding out more.