Moving into an emerging industry can be scary, that’s why we are dedicated to being flexible and lowering risk for talented individuals. We left our jobs to escape enterprise culture and what we can only call the moral failings of Big Tech. Now, we work on empowering others to pursue their ikigai.

We’re looking for talented, passionate engineers who share our vision and want to help us re-imagine what’s possible. You’ll work remotely on exciting new technologies and push the envelope of research and development.

Our projects are built from the bottom up. We believe engineers are best suited to drive innovation and shape release goals. At the end of the day, you’ll work on projects you can take pride in and develop open source code in a fun, collaborative hackathon-style environment.

Job Openings


Ikigai Technologies is looking for talented engineers and managers to help us expand. You’ll work autonomously on cutting edge software that shapes the future of Web 3 and blockchain ecosystems and be involved in the research and development of new technologies. 


Ikigai Technologies is committed to open source coding. As part of this commitment, we joined TODO, which stands for Talk Openly, Develop Openly. TODO is an open group of organizations who want to collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run successful and effective open source projects and programs. You can learn more about this movement by visiting

Talk Openly,

Develop Openly