Grabbit Incentivized Testnet Program

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Grabbit, a community-driven project, is preparing for its Mainnet launch and is focused on delivering the best auction experience for the Cardano community. To ensure decentralization and transparency, we have organized an incentivized testnet program, inviting the community to actively participate in auctions and contribute by identifying vulnerabilities in Grabbit’s protocol.

Program overview

Our program is to encourage and incentivize our non-technical community members to interact with our auctions. Meanwhile, it will incentivize developers to participate and contribute by finding any existing errors or vulnerabilities in our protocol.

The program aims to identify any issues or areas of improvement, including bugs and UX/UI confusion. Participants of the incentivized testnet program will be eligible to receive both $GRAB and ADA rewards for testing Grabbit’s functionality.

Disclaimer: We encourage all participants to please return test tokens to the testnet faucet when you have finished by following the instructions here.

Reward Categories:

Bug Bounty (50%): Identify and report any vulnerabilities or areas of improvement in the platform, including UX/UI confusion.$GRAB Bag Auctions (40%): Keep an eye on Grabbit’s official Twitter account for updates on 3 upcoming live auctions that qualify for $GRAB and ADA rewards. All you need to do is bid to win!Early Bird Bidder (10%): First 10 bidders of any of the $GRAB Bag auctions will receive additional rewards.

This will be evenly distributed from the pool sizes (see below).

Rewards and Payout Rules:

All rewards will be paid out by the Grabbit team. The reward pool sizes are 5,000 ADA and 10,000 $GRAB token.

All bidding participants will receive rewards that are distributed evenly among testnet program participants. The participants of each $GRAB bag auction will also receive an additional bonus ADA in rewards.


ADA Rewards: The $ADA rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the incentivized testnet program ends.$GRAB Token: The $GRAB rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the incentivized testnet program ends and our price discovery event has occurred.

Eligibility & Rules:

To be eligible for rewards, participants must have a Cardano wallet.

Participants of bug bounty must fill out our form here. In the form, you will be required to include your testnet wallet and ADA wallet for bug bounty reward payout.

The Grabbit team will review each bug report submitted, validate them as genuine, and reward the bounty with $GRAB tokens, if they are not duplicates.

List of prohibited activities for Grabbit’s incentivized testnet program:

Public disclosure of unpatched vulnerabilities after seizing a reward;Automated testing resulting in excessive traffic generation; andAny phishing or social engineering attacks against the protocol’s users.

How to Submit a Bug Report:

To report a bug, participants will need to submit a ticket using our bug report form here. In your report, please include the following information:

Where the bug error or vulnerability was found;A description of what happened in detail; andA screenshot or recording — Preferably a recording because for some bugs, screenshots aren’t great at conveying what’s wrong.

To follow up on your ticket, go to our Discord channel #testnet-program here to inquire.

Follow the links to join the Grabbit’s community and stay up-to-date:

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